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The AAHA postpones tryouts for the Youth and Girls levels at 12U, 10U and 8U, for both Tier I, Tier II and Independent levels

The AAHA postpones tryouts for the Youth and Girls levels at 12U, 10U and 8U, for both Tier I, Tier II and Independent levels

By Titans Marketing, 03/14/20, 5:15PM EDT


Dear Titans’ Members:  

I am reaching out to all our New Jersey Titans’ members about the upcoming tryouts schedule that was slated to start March 17. The Tryouts have been postponed until further notice. 

Over the last 48 hours, many of our Atlantic District rink owners and Club leaders were asked to provide input on the upcoming tryouts scheduled for March. The AAHA Executive Committee, with a lengthy deliberation and thought, which included input from the group of several rink owners have ordered the postponement of tryouts for all 12U, 10U and 8U levels, Tier I, Tier II and Independent levels. There was no change made at 14U and above level.

We are all in uncharted territory and now more than ever, it demands our collective cooperation and stewardship.

The Executive Committee discussed the issue of tryouts vs contracting, and in accordance with AAHA Rules, our tryout periods and contracting of players are tied together. Currently, the Executive Committee believes we need to keep that provision in place. We are revisiting all these issues daily. We are also in communication with our neighboring Affiliates to discuss their plans. Here is a recap:

Our neighboring Affiliate, New York, has taken deeper steps, moving ALL 14U tryouts and above to April 20, 2020 and 12U and below to April 22. In addition, their memo emphatically states that there will be no “pre-signing of player prior to these dates, whether participants in or outside of your association”.   The NY State memo goes on to enumerate the penalties for violating the policy.   Connecticut has suspended ALL USA Hockey sanctioned activity until further notice.  Potomac Valley Affiliate (Maryland & Virginia) do not begin any tryouts until April 7th, regardless of age but they too are monitoring the issue as the situation evolves.  I just learned that the State of Massachusetts has closed all state-owned rink. 

Here in Middletown the Titans home we will be re-opening on Monday and offering plenty of Open Hockey's, Lessons, Clinics,  these are all optional skates and will have NO bearing on the making of a Titan’s team and the player will attend only if the family decides to they want their athlete to skate. 

I assure you the District is discussing every aspect daily and will keep you informed as this evolves. 

George Haviland 

George Haviland
New Jersey Titans
Director of Hockey
Director of Players