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Titans hire Kevin Gibbons as Tier 2 Travel Hockey and In-House Youth Program Director

Titans hire Kevin Gibbons as Tier 2 Travel Hockey and In-House Youth Program Director

By Titans Marketing, 02/06/20, 3:45PM EST


The New Jersey Titans Youth Hockey Program is pleased to announce that Kevin Gibbons has been hired as the new Director of the Tier 2 Travel Hockey and in-house league programs.

The hiring comes on the heels of a second sheet of ice opening this past December at the Middletown Sports Complex. The Titans are anticipating a growth in the Tier 2 travel program due to the additional rink and want someone to focus on the development of all players.

 “Kevin has a long history with the New Jersey Titans stemming back from the start of the club in 1999 as a coach” stated Titans President and Hockey Director George Haviland. “He understands the way the club operates and the importance of developing and advancing the Tier 2 player.”

“For the first time since the club has been in Middletown, our Tier 2 and in-house programs will have a chance to grow and flourish under Kevin’s guidance. We are very excited about Gibby returning to his roots” stated Haviland.

In addition to directing the Tier 2 program, Gibbons will focus on growing the sport inside the community through grass roots players and the learn to play programs for boys and girls. This will pave the way to give non-travel players ages 5 through 16 an opportunity to play in-house hockey with a focus on developing new travel hockey players for the future of the Tier 2 program and beyond.

"I’m thrilled to get this opportunity and help grow the Titans’ Tier 2 and in-house programs” stated Gibbons. “My vision is to create a ladder of development inside the Titans’ programs from Learn to Play to In-House to Travel Hockey and beyond. My commitment to the in-house program is to create a fun and organized environment for them to fall in love with hockey and want to move into competitive hockey” added Gibbons”

“My goal with the Titans’ Tier 2 program is to it make it competitive once again, where players can work towards earning a varsity Jacket and/or advancing to play Tier 1 hockey inside the Titans program” concluded Gibbons.

“We are thrilled to add Kevin to our organization” stated head coach and general manager Craig Doremus of the NAHL Titans. “Kevin’s return to our organization to lead the Tier 2 and in-house programs mark another important step for us in continuing to grow and expand the New Jersey Titans brand.  Having players grow through our program and continuing to advance up the ladder of development is another great feature of the Titans’ overall program.  As someone who gets to work with the oldest players in our program it’s an exciting day to see someone come in at the grass roots level and continue to increase, grow and develop our young student athletes at the beginning stages of their respective careers” concluded Doremus.

“It is so important to have someone directing the in-house program who has a focus on developing players hands-on. Kevin will be focused on advancing the players into the Tier 2 travel program while allowing the players to enjoy playing in a competitive, organized in-house league. The in-house program acts as a feeder program for our to our Titans Tier 2 boys’ and girls’ program” concluded Haviland.

Titans tryouts begin March 17 for Squirts & PeeWee, and April 7 for Bantams and midgets. Visit for more information.