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2020-21 Registration

2020-21 Registration

The Atlantic Affiliate (AAHA) has decided to have Tier 1 clubs sign players (boys & girls) to contracts on June 1, 2020. For the full explanation by the AAHA & all relative dates, please click here

The New Jersey Titans take this very seriously and have been working tirelessly to virtually meet with all of our coaches and discuss player options at all levels. We have a team duty to pick the best players on-ice (with talent & work ethic), pick the players that can soar to the next level but more importantly, pick players that are "team first" and those that see "team wins" as the best wins. This process to visualize and choose, without on-ice tryouts, takes time. For this we need your help:

1) If you want to be considered for a New Jersey Titans team for this upcoming season, YOU MUST REGISTER! Please click this LINK , scroll down and sign up for the team that you would like to play on. The fee is $50 to register which will be applied to your tuition. If you are NOT selected for a team (Tier 1 or Tier 2), this fee will be refunded and returned to you. If chosen and you decide not to play, no refund will be given.

2) If you previously registered for the 2020-21 tryouts, you DO NOT need to register again and your tryout fee will be applied toward your tuition if selected. If chosen and you decide not to play, no refund will be given.

3) Please register in the month of May so contracts can be delivered by June 1st for Tier 1. (June 11th will begin Tier 2 contracts)

The AAHA strongly encourages each participant family to be proactive and contact the organization where you are interested in playing. This process is new for everyone, so it is in everyone's best interests to communicate your interest and ensure that you are properly considered for the team you prefer to play for. Please feel free to contact our Hockey Department staff below:

President / Owner / Executive Director, NJ Titans / Middletown Sports Complex:
George Haviland-

Director of Hockey Operations, NJ Titans:
Andy Gojdycz-

Tier 2 Hockey Director, NJ Titans:
Kevin Gibbons-

Women's Hockey Director, NJ Titans:
Amanda Drobot-

The NJ Titans have made it easier to view our Program Highlights! Please click the links on the right which explain our Program, from our 2020-21 teams to our facility:

Exciting news about the Titans and Middletown Sports Complex
As the 21st season of the running New Jersey Titans and the seventh year of owning and operating the Middletown Sports Complex comes to an end, it is important to recognize the hard work of the players, coaches, volunteers, parents and administrators involved with the organization during this time! This commitment directly contributes to the Titans' success, growth and development that has resulted in the continuous player advancement within the program.

Mission statement: Advancing players to a higher level
The Titans continue to be the leader in providing the opportunities and tools needed to advance players onto the next level. The organization's mission statement is to help prepare players to play midget, high school, junior and collegiate hockey. The Titans are proud to proclaim that over 1,000 players who have worn the red bucket and have gone on to play college hockey. Plus, numerous alums have played on the National Team Development Program (NTDP) while one is currently in the program. And, most impressively, there have been over twenty players part of National Hockey League organizations.

Major improvements made to the Complex
At this time of the year it is important that the message about the club and facility be transparent. Over the past year there have been numerous improvements made to the complex. A second, full size NHL rink has been added. This new rink has six ground floor locker rooms and five private Titans team locker rooms on the second floor equipped with heating and air conditioning. The second ice surface provides the Titans players with all the ice needed to continue to grow and support the mission of advancing players.

The original cabanas have been remodeled and now serve as functional rooms for special occasions, parties, banquets and team video rooms. These upgraded rooms are 3,000 square feet and are complete with bathrooms, air-conditioning and heating. In addition, a 4,000 square foot laser tag area on the second floor of the main arena has been added. The complex's events coordinator has expanded birthday parties and events at the facility that are available to club members and the general public to enjoy. A few events that have sold out have been goat yoga, comedy shows, Star Wars themed laser tag and more!

The lobby and all the non-ice areas in the main facility have been redesigned and modernized with approximately 35" televisions to enhance the experience of being in the arena. In the coming weeks there will be a pro shop on the ground floor of the main building complete with professional skate sharpening and all the essential components for hockey players.

Sports Performance Lab
A new Sports Performance Lab has arrived to the complex. It includes a world class sport science assessment, physical therapy, base line concussion testing, sports rehabilitation, recovery, strength and conditioning facility located on the first floor of the main building.

The biggest addition: the new Staff!
In addition to the physical improvements to the property, the greatest additions have been the new staff that has strengthened the internal operation of the Titans and the Middletown Sports Complex. We have hired key employees to handle all the back-end operations and streamline the organizational aspect. Our coaching staff has been expanded and are an experienced, professional and capable team of coaches, with robust hockey resumes. With all the improvements that have been mentioned, we have increased our ability to develop players and use our resources to help our players reach their goals of playing hockey at the next level.

George Haviland

Register HERE for the 2020-21 New Jersey Titans

Register HERE for the 2020-21 New Jersey Titans

Register HERE for the 2020-21 New Jersey Titans

Register HERE for the 2020-21 New Jersey Titans

New Jersey Titans 2020-21 Season - Let Us Get You There

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